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Simply Beautiful 91.3FM is a non-commercial, non-profit, public radio station. Therefore, it is unable to sell advertisements as is the practice on commercial radio. However, public radio can acknowledge donor support through underwriting. This is the significant difference between public and commercial radio. A commercial radio station runs advertising paid for by advertisers. In contrast, businesses, foundations and other organizations make contributions by sponsoring events and by underwriting programs and content on public radio.

On-air announcements may contain:

  • ⮚ Donor’s established and standard logo;
  • ⮚ Phone number;
  • ⮚ Location information and business hours;
  • ⮚ Value neutral descriptions of product lines or services;
  • ⮚ Brand/trade names and product or service listings that do not include qualitative, quantitative, or comparative language; and,
  • ⮚ Music beds and/or sound effects.
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For any inquiries regarding Underwriting, please reach out to Laury Sisko at 254-526-1442 or email Laury.Sisko@KNCT.org

Sponsorship Underwriter

Why use Simply Beautiful 91.3FM for Your Underwriting Needs?

  • Underwriting with Simply Beautiful 91.3FM demonstrates good corporate
  • citizenship by showing your commitment to the community, its people and institutions.
  • ● KNCT-FM broadcasts in high definition (HD).
  • ● Underwriting provides an opportunity for a company or organization to associate itself with radio programming intended to educate, entertain and enrich the community.
  • ● Underwriting creates a long-term bond with loyal public radio listeners and the message becomes a part of their daily activities.
  • ● An underwriting message is concise and broadcast in an environment free from commercial clutter, thus increasing its impact.
  • ● A business or organization may be featured on KNTC-FM’s website (www.KNCT.org), thus providing additional exposure.
  • ● Tax-deductible donation as KNCT-FM is a not-for-profit!

Day Sponsorship sign

Sample Day Sponsorship messages:

"Today’s programming is sponsored in part by Smith & Smith, LLC, acknowledging founder James Smith, on his 90th birthday."

"Today’s programming is sponsored in part by Alice Smith, wishing a happy 25th wedding anniversary to John, her husband, companion, best friend and confidant."

Dedicated toYou!

Show support for your listener-supported radio station while acknowledging a special day for a friend, a colleague or a loved one with a DAY SPONSORSHIP. Day sponsor messages are intended to honor an individual, and may be purchased by another individual, non- profit or business. Sponsored messages will air 4 times on the scheduled day with a bonus airing. The sponsorship package costs $150 and includes 4 messages and an mp3 audio file emailed to you for approval.

Day Sponsorship Form